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Light and music fountain in Tsarina's

Light and dynamic fountain on the area of the Kiev station

Accomplishment of territory Kutuzovsky Riviera

Light and decorative fur-tree

New Year

The Polar lights Lubjansky square

Art illumination Moscow-city

Celebratory illumination of facades of buildings on New Arbate

Illumination the New Arbat bridge

The star sky on the Kutuzovsky prospectus

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About the company

The Russian company "ADLINE" LLC more than 12 years occupies the leading positions in the field of environmental design, and is the general design company of Moscow during carrying out of the state and New Year's holidays and events.


The company has realized about 750 projects of architecturally-art illumination and celebratory illumination of city, over 60 percent of fountains and gushing complexes of Moscow. Activities of the company are noted with diplomas and awards of prestigious professional exhibitions and competitions. Among them the premium of Moscow in the field of the literature and the arts, twice appropriated rank of the Winner of the premium "Victoria" of the Union of Designers of Russia.


Today "ADLINE" renders a wide spectrum of services on development and realizations of concepts of light and celebratory decoration of city, on designing and construction of fountains and gushing complexes, designing of territories of an accomplishment, construction and their operation.


Basic principle of activity in all listed directions - an individual,

comprehensive approach to each object:



Today "ADLINE" is the stable and dynamically developing company. In a basis of its success  there are such distinctive properties as professionalism of management and high qualification of employees, coordination of a team, belief in own forces, the innovative approach to the activity, a choice of reliable domestic and foreign partners.

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